Dragon Warrior II

Overview / Review of Enix’s 1990 NES game, Dragon Warrior II.

Having overcome the Dragonlord, finding his true love, and saving the kingdom of Alefgard from certain doom, the hero from Dragon Warrior and his young wife, Princess Gwaelin, move to a distant land, establishing the kingdom of Torland. Settling into a peaceful existence, the couple have three children. These three children grow up to become the leaders of three major cities within Torland – the first-born prince is gifted the Midenhall territory, the second-born… Continue reading

Dragon Warrior

Overview / Review of Nintendo’s 1989 NES game, Dragon Warrior.

The kingdom of Alefgard has known peace for many generations, thanks to the legendary warrior Erdrick’s heroic deeds. Having fallen into shadow, Alefgard was overrun by an unspeakable evil. Erdrick, using the balls of light, fought to restore balance and prosperity to the land. Gifting King Lorik, the beloved ruler who unified Alefgard, with this light, the kingdom flourished, history became myth… Continue reading