Hudson’s Japanese PC-Only Nintendo Oddities

Being among the first of Nintendo’s official game production licensees, Hudson enjoyed a close, privileged relationship with the soon-to-be juggernaut of the Japanese gaming industry. The Japanese developer was responsible for producing the Nintendo Famicom’s first third-party published mega-hit and as a result was granted the rights to rereleases of Nintendo’s Golf, Excitebike, Ice Climber, and Tennis, in addition to liberally adapted renditions of the classic Mario Bros. and Super Mario Bros. on Japanese computers… Continue reading

The History of Hudson’s Adventure Island

Hudson’s Adventure Island series has one of the most complex and easily confused histories of any line of games to appear on Nintendo’s 8-bit system. Eventually ported to nine different platforms (excluding rereleases, such as those on the Nintendo Wii’s Virtual Console), the original Adventure Island was a graphically altered version of Sega’s 1986 arcade hit, Wonder Boy. Continue reading

The 40 Best Underrated Music Tracks of the NES

Despite the anemic abilites of the NES’ audio processor, many of the most memorable and revered video game history were first rendered on the venerable console’s Ricoh RP2A03 (NTSC models)/RP2A07 (PAL models) CPUs’ on-die APU. Everybody remembers the music from level 1-1 of Super Mario Bros., much like they do The Legend of Zelda’s overworld theme… Continue reading