Duck Hunt

Overview / Review of Nintendo’s 1985 NES game, Duck Hunt.

As the direct descendant of Nintendo’s 1976 projector-based Laser Clay Shooting System game Beam Gun: Duck Hunt, the classic NES Zapper game serves as a nod of recognition to one of Nintendo’s earliest successes in the electronic gaming market. As a game that came bundled with every NES model that included a light gun, Duck Hunt was destined to become the most… Continue reading

Donkey Kong Jr. Math

Overview / Review of Nintendo’s 1985 NES game, Donkey Kong Jr. Math.

Donkey Kong Jr. Math, Nintendo’s ”contribution” to the cognitive development of young children, was widely considered the weakest of the NES’ first wave of games, epitomizing the occasionally myopic approach of Nintendo’s marketing machine during the early 1980s. Much like R.O.B., Donkey Kong Jr. Math was soon regarded as a misguided attempt to do something different, and the Education “Series” … Continue reading


Overview / Review of Nintendo’s 1985 NES game, Pinball.

Released with the 1985 test market launch in New York City of the Nintendo Entertainment System, Pinball stands as one of the eighteen titles buttressing the very foundation of the newly founded Nintendo of America’s experimental business venture. Working within the confines of an impossibly claustrophobic 24k ROM chip, Nintendo rewarded early-adopters with the most advanced pinball simulator of its time in this pixel-perfect port of their 1983 arcade game of the same name. Continue reading

Super Mario Bros.

Overview / Review for Nintendo’s 1985 NES game, Super Mario Bros.

Super Mario Bros. is widely considered the savior of the American video game market, marking Nintendo’s dominance after the fallout resulting from the infamous industry crash of 1983. The original NES version alone has sold over 40 million copies worldwide, and until it was overtaken by Nintendo’s Wii launch pack-in game, Wii Sports (2006), the Guinness Book of World Records recognized it as the best-selling video game… Continue reading


Overview / Review of Nintendo’s 1985 NES game, Golf.

Released as a launch game for the Nintendo Entertainment System in the fall of 1985, Golf presents an interesting conundrum: while it is infinitely more playable than golf games released on earlier, significantly less powerful systems (PGA Golf for the Intellivision, 1979; Golf for the Atari 2600, 1980), it is so primitive by comparison to every other… Continue reading

Kung Fu

Overview / Review of Nintendo’s 1985 NES game, Kung Fu.

Kung-Fu is a port of Irem’s wildly popular 1984 arcade game, Kung-Fu Master. Produced by Takashi Nishiyama (responsible for some extremely famous arcade games, including Street Fighter, Fatal Fury, King of Fighters, amongst others), Kung-Fu has the honor of being the first NES game to star Jackie Chan (the second, of course, being Hudson’s Jackie Chan’s Action Kung-Fu)… Continue reading