Castlevania III – Dracula’s Curse

Overview / Review of Konami’s 1990 NES game, Castlevania III – Dracula’s Curse.

Konami’s final chapter of their classic NES trilogy, Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse is a true 8-bit technological tour de force, constantly pushing the hardware to (and occasionally beyond) its limits. Staged as a prequel to the first two Castlevania games, the player assumes the role of Simon’s ancestor, Trevor Belmont… Continue reading

Wizardry – Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord

Review / Overview of Nexoft’s 1990 NES game, Wizardry – Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

Originally released in 1981 for the Apple II home computer, Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord was one of the biggest selling games of its time, easily holding its own against the first entry of the Ultima series. Considered revolutionary when it was released, Wizardry streamlined several aspects of gameplay from previous genre efforts, in addition to being among the first… Continue reading


Overview / Review of Milton Bradley’s 1990 NES game, Cabal.

Based on TAD’s innovative and relatively popular 1988 arcade release, Cabal for the NES is an impressively accurate conversion. In response to growing concerns over the Dreaded Republic of Allied Terrorists’ (D.R.A.T.) plans for world domination, two anonymous commandos have been recruited by the International World Affairs Council. To foil the terrorist plot, the two commandos visit five key terrorist … Continue reading

Yo! Noid

Overview / Review of Capcom’s 1990 NES game, Yo! Noid.

Capcom’s Yo! Noid, originally released in 1990, features one of the oddest uses of a licensed character in the entire NES library. It features the Noid, the bunny-eared Domino’s Pizza mascot from the late 1980′s, whose mission it was to ruin customers’ pizzas before they could be delivered (in thirty minutes or less). The strange claymation… Continue reading

Dragon Warrior II

Overview / Review of Enix’s 1990 NES game, Dragon Warrior II.

Having overcome the Dragonlord, finding his true love, and saving the kingdom of Alefgard from certain doom, the hero from Dragon Warrior and his young wife, Princess Gwaelin, move to a distant land, establishing the kingdom of Torland. Settling into a peaceful existence, the couple have three children. These three children grow up to become the leaders of three major cities within Torland – the first-born prince is gifted the Midenhall territory, the second-born… Continue reading

Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf

Overview / Review of Konami’s 1990 NES game, Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Championship Golf.

As a port of Accolade’s 1988 PC game, Konami’s Jack Nicklaus’ Greatest 18 Holes of Major Championship Golf for the NES does an admirable job of recreating the core experience with few concessions made. For his first starring role in a video game, the winner of 18 major golf championships selected his 18 favorite holes from famous American and British courses… Continue reading

Mendel Palace

Overview / Review of Hudson’s 1990 NES game, Mendel’s Palace.

Mendel Palace was the first game ever produced by Game Freak, headed up by Satoshi Tajiri, who would become a superstar of the videogame world with the release of Pokémon (Gameboy, 1995). In Tajiri’s premier work, Bon-Bon has to save his best friend, Candy, from a dream. Falling asleep… Continue reading

Arkista’s Ring

Overview / Review of American Sammy’s 1990 NES game, Arkista’s Ring.

The idyllic elven city of Arkista has long been the keeper of three legendary magical artifacts. The city’s ever-lasting peace is attributed to the power of Arkista’s Ring, its prosperity to the Wealth Amulet,  and its immunity to influences from the outside world to the Elf Mirror. The halcyon days provided by these items could not last forever, though. The Forbidden Castle, lying at the fringes of the realm, was ruled by… Continue reading