Going forward…

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Hi, everyone!

I want to thank everyone that has supported and enjoyed the site in the (slightly more than a) year since it’s been active. I really appreciate the support and the encouraging emails that I’ve received. There haven’t been as many updates as usual recently, since school just started back a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been slammed with a never-ending stream of work. Now that the year is starting to find its groove, however, I should have a bit more time (as long as I avoid being crushed by piles of essays that need to be graded) to dedicate to writing.

I’ve got a number of articles in the works, and several games that I’ve been playing through to outline for future articles. I’d love to hear from you guys on what you’d like to see, whether it be a game that hasn’t yet been covered, an NES related topic that bears some scrutiny, or anything else related to what I might be able to do to better cater to what you guys want to see.

2013 09 14 23.40.38 186x300 Going forward... NES Nintendo Review ScreenshotThis photo is of me wearing the costume that I have prepared in case the zombie apocalypse ever becomes a reality. I really do feel that posing as something that nobody wants to go anywhere near is a sound plan. What do you think?

I also haven’t previously plugged this, but I’d like to point you toward the site’s dedicated YouTube channel. In addition to hosting the game play demos that appear on each review page, there are several beginning to end playthroughs of NES titles, special feature videos, and subtitled translations of Japanese games that I’ve done, in addition to videos for games appearing on other systems that I really like and wanted to draw attention to.

Thanks for reading NintendoComplete! I really enjoy working on it, and I hope you enjoy reading it! If you’d like to share your thoughts, ideas, criticism, praise, or the amusing tale of your Aunt Edna drunkenly losing her wig down the toilet, by all means, hit me with it! Just please, don’t put me on a mailing list for Toronto fumigation companies, Avon catalogs, or anything else like that. That would suck.

I look forward to hearing from you all!

Writer, Webmaster, Well-Prepared Zombie Ducker

15 September 2013

P.S. Make sure to check out YouTube user danooct1, he’s the one responsible for the amazing Zelda remix at the head of the page!